WOORHI | Mini Pin Microneedling Device


The Woorhi MINI PIN is a new automated, all-in-one at-home microneedling device (DIY microneedling).  In the tip cartridge of the MINI PIN, there is space for cosmetics. If the user put cosmetics into the tip cartridge and uses the MINI PIN, the cosmetics flow out with the vertical movement of the needles. Because of this, users doesn’t need to keep applying cosmetics, which greatly enhances the user’s experience.

In addition, since the device is an automation device, the user doesn’t need to press, tap or roll on the face.

The speed of needle is up to “3500 times” per minute. It means that the needle makes the micro channel into skin over 420,000 in just 10 mins use.

It has an effect like the automation pen of micro needling but very easy to control and use.

Benefits for skin care, moisturizing, wrinkle, whitening and acne scar. It can be used for stretch marks and the scalp. treatment.

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