VANAV | UP6 6-in-1 Total Skincare Solution


The Vanav UP6 6-in-1 Total Skincare device carries micro-galvanic ions with 3D vibration technology to the inner part of the skin allowing deep penetration of cleansing gels, moisturizing creams, anti-ageing serums, eye care treatments and masks for effective treatment.
This lightweight, multifunctional device gives you an easy professional skincare solution right at home. It can be used for all types of cosmetics for skin care with for the purpose of restoration of water balance, moisturizing, bleaching, anti-ageing, muscle lifting and vitamin C administration.

Advanced premium facial skin care Massager device with Galvanic Ion Micro Vibrations for complete Home Skincare Therapy.

The UP6 uses 6 different modes:

1. Clean Up Mode (3 Minutes):ย  Deep cleanse care with Galvanic Ion / Green LED Remove makeup residue and skin impurities

2. Eye Zone Mode (2 minutes):ย  Delicate care for the sensitive eye zone with Galvanic Ion / Red + Yellow LED Help to penetrate ingredients for a bright and healthy eye zone

3. Moisture Mode (3 minutes 30 seconds):ย  Moisturizing care with Galvanic Ion / Green+Blue+Yellow LED Intensive moisturizing and nourishing to keep oil and moisture balance

4. Lifting Mode (3 minutes): Anti-ageing care for elastic skin with Galvanic Ion / Red+ Yellow LED help to contract and relax muscles alternately

5. Mask Mode (5 minutes):ย  Special care with mask sheet with Galvanic Ion / Green + Blue LED Help to penetrate active ingredients deep into the skin to increase the effect of facial mask sheets

6. Vitamin C Mode (6 minutes):ย  Brightening care with vitamin C with Galvanic Ion / Blue + Purple LED Improve absorption of Vitamin C for skin brightening

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