Time Machine Golden Brush


The Vanav Time Machine Golden Brush is a revolutionary scalp care device with triple care galvanic ion massage, titanium brush head & micro vibrations to massage your scalp and hair for a healthy and clean scalp.

Titanium Brush Head

The head with brush shape massages the scalp and hair effectively. Titanium is body-friendly material which is safe for sensitive skin and widely used in the medical industry.

Galvanic Ion

The mechanism helps penetrate ingredients of scalp care products deep into your scalp by applying a micro current and changing the electrical environment of your scalp.

Micro Vibration

10,000 RPM micro vibration improves blood circulation on the scalp and helps scalp nourishment and oxygen supply.

Color Therapy

Yellow color LED, which improves skin activation through skin regeneration and blood circulation, can maximize the effect of scalp care products and helps to clean the scalp and keep it healthy.

Use in conjunction with the VANAV | Golden Time Scalp Ampoule

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