Hot & Cool Skin Fit


The Vanav Hot & Cool Skin Fit is a 4-step beauty temperature guard with cold and hot facial massage and vibration.

It helps in tightening pores, reduce facial swelling, and boost the absorption of skincare products with warm and cool temperatures.

The 4 modes provide Skin Heating Care like a warm steam towel, Skin Cooling Care similar to a jade roller, Skin Cooling Massage like a spa treatment, and Skin Pore Tightening when used with the right skincare products.

39°C heating mode
Opens pores and removes excess sebum and debris with a deep cleansing effect and improves blood circulation

36°C booster mode
Micro vibration at a temperature of 36°C helps the absorption of cosmetic ingredients and keeps your skin firm and radiant

13°C cooling mode
Cooling massage at 13°C for the best skin temperature

5°C tightening mode
Ultra-fine vibration at ice-cream cold 5°C temperature for tightening your pores

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