Cover Fit


Apply makeup as easily as a professional makeup artist with the world’s first makeup auto applicator, the Vanav Cover Fit, a Korean skincare product used as a makeup applicator or blender. It applies makeup on your skin without any wastage of material and improves exposure with complete long-lasting coverage with 3D vibration technology. The skincare product has rounded hexagonal heads for perfect makeup coverage.

The Vanav Cover Fit comes with a makeup brush for the best long-lasting coverage of makeup. It has patented 3D sonic vibration features which are non-abrasive but are detailed for makeup. The Vanav Cover Fit has a dense brush with synthetic bristles which smoothly blends streak lines for linear contours of the face. Angled and diamond shape blends makeup products onto the skin for a seamless finish. The device can be used to apply foundation, powder, liquid primer, sunscreen and other cosmetic products. All these amazing features in one device!

As a result of tests at the Korean Institute of Cosmetology, it was proved that the uniformity of the distribution of the product is 4 times better than with the usual manual version.

1 year warranty

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  • A makeup device with dual brush and puff which helps achieve a flawless makeup.
  • A simple tool to instantly conceal imperfections, spots and adheres smoothly for a healthy glow.
  • Patented 3D micro vibration gives you lightweight and seamless coverage.
  • Its hexagon-shaped design for brush and puff ensures it can reach every part of the face.
  • The dense and elastic brush is made with a fur-free texture, and the ruby cell air puff is made with micro-cells with anti-bacterial features.