Multifunctional Blackhead Vacuum Remover


This stylish little device has powerful suction to deep clean your skin by removing excess oil, stubborn blackheads and whiteheads and make-up residue.
It increases blood circulation and skin elasticity by tightening loose skin, fading away fine wrinkles.
The blue light helps to firm the skin, shrink pores and prohibit excess sebum secretion, while the red light restores skin elasticity.
It has adjustable suction levels with 4 functional replaceable suction heads.
The vibration massage care promotes blood circulation, relaxes tendons and reduces skin fatigue.
Hot care helps to relax muscles and relieve pain, quicken blood circulation and open the pores for easier suction while cold care helps to firm the skin, maintain elasticity and shrink the pores after blackhead removal.
It is rechargeable with a built-in USB rechargeable lithium battery, is portable and has an LCD display indicating the function status and force level at a glance.

Included in the box:

  1. Multi-functional Blackhead removal x 1
  2. Suction Nozzle x 4
  3. USB Charge Cable x 1
  4. Rings for replacement
  5. Operation manual x 1

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